Sunnah Currency

1 Year - Amanah Vault


The Amanah Vault™ yearly subscription offers customers the opportunity to store gold and silver in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. By becoming a member, you will receive a Vault ID and gain access to Vault pricing and options for purchasing gold and silver.

Here are the key features of the Amanah Vault™ membership:

  1. Tax-Free Storage: Your gold and silver will be stored in Dubai, UAE, where there are no taxes on precious metal storage.
  2. No Custom Duty Charges: You won't incur any customs duty charges when storing your gold and silver in the Amanah Vault™
  3. Yearly Membership Discount: As a member, you'll automatically receive a discount on vault products available on the site.
  4. This discount is applied annually.
  5. Automated Delivery and IMC Tayyib Certification: When you purchase gold and silver, it will be automatically delivered to the Amanah Vault™. Additionally, you will be granted IMC Tayyib - Blockchain certifications, which serve as proof of the gold's validity.
  6. Shariah Compliant: The Amanah Vault™ adheres to Shariah principles, ensuring that all operations and investments are compliant with Islamic finance guidelines.
  7. Physical Gold and Silver: The gold and silver stored in the Amanah Vault™ are 100% real and physical, providing you with tangible assets.

It's important to note that each vault membership has a maximum weight limit of 1kg. If you require storage for a higher quantity, you can purchase multiple memberships to increase this limit.

Before buying, email with; 1) copy of your Passport, 2) Proof of address and 3) Proof of billing - all dated within 3 months. Without this, you cannot subscribe to the vault. The Amanah Vault™ will provide you with a Vault ID and then we can open your own account and activate the discount and automatic rules.